This is an intensive 1:1 session where I will completely dissect every aspect of your business or podcast to help you uncover what is holding you back. You will leave our session with a custom strategy with actionable steps to help take your business or podcast to the next level.

1:1 Strategy Session

for online business and podcasts

I get it. Every business has a lot of moving parts. And even though you feel like you are doing exactly what they tell you to do on the business blogs and podcasts, you're still falling short. 

Or maybe you're doing just fine but are ready to take things to the next level. Let me help you level up by giving you the strategy and steps to take and you can execute it on your own terms.

i see you...

You feel like you're doing all the things but you're still not seeing the results you expect.

Increased website traffic

Increased podcast downloads and ad revenue

Higher social media engagement 

Reaching more potential customers and converting more sales

Results my clients see...

"Britt's knowledge and expertise in the field is highly impressive. Not only did I see incredible podcast growth almost instantly, the other side of my business quickly grew after I implemented some simple changes to my website and social media."
— Lisa M.

"My podcast downloads tripled almost immediately."


one payment of $495

+ Preliminary questionnaire
+ 60 minute virtual strategy session 
+ Follow up email with a summary of our call + all action items
+ Full recording of our session

what's included

Our strategy session happens over Zoom (or phone call if you prefer!) After filling out the preliminary booking questionnaire, I will dive deep into every piece of your biz or podcast I can find on the internet. The more you tell me, the better I can help you. During our call we will uncover what's holding you back and why, where you need to go and come up with a clear and concise strategy including action items to get you there.  

1:1 Strategy Session

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I am only an email away. After our call, I will support you through an email anyway I can for up to 1 week.

Follow up support

You will leave the call with a clear list of action items to level up your business.

customized strategy

Coaching sessions are 1-hour long and face to face on Zoom. (Or we can chat on the phone if you prefer!)

coaching session

What coaching is like...

I'm here to help you stop overthinking things, streamline your systems, get super clear on your goals all while building the business of your dreams.

With over a decade of marketing, content creation and social media experience, I know a thing or two about getting your products and services in front of your ideal client.

Whether you're looking for new ways to reach your ideal clients, ready to launch your new product or service or you're just overwhelmed with all the to do's and don't really know where to start, I am your girl. 

Together, we can make digital magic happen!

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I'm Britt — A digital marketing strategist, branding expert and content creation wiz.

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